Dr. Diane M. Janosek’s Services

Diane M. Janosek’s Services:

Dr . Janosek can support corporate governance, cybersecurity, and ethics and compliance needs. She also can coordinate and conduct an off-site or virtual review of corporate data governance and cybersecurity policy and plans. She is also available for keynotes and media interviews.

Support Corporate Needs with Executive Leadership

Dr. Janosek can aid entities with her deep legal and technical expertise in cybersecurity, privacy, data governance and risk management. Highly sought after for individual executive coaching and mentoring. Delivers empowering keynotes for group events and offsites.

Cybersecurity Compliance
and Data Protection

Dr. Diane Janosek can decrease one’s overall risk with an in-depth due diligence review of existing cybersecurity compliance programs, and she can identify any gaps in need of updating such as privacy policies and incident response procedures. Dr. Janosek can review a corporate data governance program to assess readiness for an annual report or for a merger and acquisition.

Diane Janosek services