CEO Dr. Janosek is a highly credentialed professional:

  • Available to support corporate needs, to serve at leadership seminars and offsites, and for speaking engagements.
  • Expertise in corporate governance, compliance & ethics, cybersecurity law & policy, and executive leadership.
  • Strong communicator and advocate.
  • Published over 30 academic and peer-reviewed articles.
  • Keynote Speaker or Presenter at over 100 public events.
Diane Janosek Cyber Expert


  • A specialized consultancy.
  • Mission is to improve companies’ cybersecurity, privacy, and data governance programs, and to increase resiliency.
  • To help entities achieve cyber regulatory compliance, leadership goals, and increased diversity and inclusion.

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Dr. Janosek with IG Labs to kick off Cybersecurity Awareness Month: “Critical Infrastructure Discussion with Ms. Diane Janosek” in Maryland.


Dr. Janosek on Outspoken Podcast with Shana Cosgrove.

Diane Janosek services

Dr. Janosek delivers Keynote Address “Equipping Today’s Cyberspace Operators” at Alamo ACE, AFCEA
Southwest Conference in San Antonio in Texas.